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Our family brewery is located in the unique Limburg hills. Founded in 1870 by Joseph Meens and currently led by the 4th generation in the capacity of Harry Meens. And the fifth generation is eager to continue the family tradition in a few years.

“Beer brewing is passionate about a product”

Brewing tradition and recipe are passed on from generation to generation and every day we fight for the optimal quality of our beers. We are convinced that we make a truly unique product that is distinctive in its kind. It is not for nothing that we call our lager beer type Alfa Edel Pils.

Four ingredients are essential for the brewing process. The most important is spring water. We work with 6000 years old water from our own source that is used directly in the brew kettle. We also use special hops and malt and of course our own Meens stock yeast. Particular to our brewing process is the traditional choice for cold and slow fermenting and cold and slow lagering. With us, quality always exceeds quantity.

At Alfa we attach a lot of value to what our customers think. We cordially invite everyone to come and discover for yourself here in South Limburg. Visit our family brewery in Thull and see how we brew at Alfa and taste how unique our beers are.

Alfa Bier

Alfa Bier

Gelegen in het unieke Limburgse heuvellandschap ligt onze familiebrouwerij. In 1870 opgericht door Joseph Meens en momenteel geleid door de 4e generatie in de hoedanigheid van Harry Meens. En de vijfde generatie staat te popelen om over een aantal jaren de familietraditie voort te zetten. “Bierbrouwen is passioneel bezig zijn met een product”