Alfa Beer: This is how we brew!

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Handcrafted brewing, family brewery and the most beautiful bottle ever.
Passion, craft & tradition. Harry Meens passionately talks about the tastiest thing there is: beer! Not only about the taste, but also about the traditional brewing process, family traditions and the new bottles.

We recently introduced our new bottles – Our most beautiful bottle ever, if you ask us! We didn’t have to look far from home to get our inspiration: about 70 years ago, we already had a nice slender beer bottle with our family crest embossed on the glass. It’s as though the family crest is laying on top of the glass bottle. We have now revived that concept with our new bottle. A premium beer deserves a premium bottle, after all!

Royal Dutch supplier Alfa Beer has been an independent brewery owned by the Meens family for four generations. Our master brewers brew the most delicious beers with certified spring water from our own private source and with carefully selected raw materials – all in the heart of Limburg.

Alfa Bier

Alfa Bier

Gelegen in het unieke Limburgse heuvellandschap ligt onze familiebrouwerij. In 1870 opgericht door Joseph Meens en momenteel geleid door de 4e generatie in de hoedanigheid van Harry Meens. En de vijfde generatie staat te popelen om over een aantal jaren de familietraditie voort te zetten. “Bierbrouwen is passioneel bezig zijn met een product”