Chinese New Year

By 10 februari 2021Nieuws, Persbericht

Xin Nian Kuai Le

Which literally means ‘Happy New Year’. The first words spoken by the Chinese majority worldwide when Chinese New Year ‘kicks off’. The Meens family and the Alfa Brewery staff wishes everybody; ‘Xin Nian Kuai Le and the best of health in the year of the ox!

Year of the Ox

Determination and reliability, two main pillars from this Chinese zodiac description which fits seamlessly with the vision of our independent brewery. As a family brewery we stay close to our family values and are looking forward to the future. We believe that with hard work, common sense a positive attitude and of course the finest quality we can achieve the most together.

Alfa Beer distributed by Dumilco, exclusive for Chinese Markets

For several years now, our award-winning beer has found its way far beyond Dutch borders. Loved for its unique taste, limited natural spring water, delicious aromas and its premium appearance. Since 2018, our valued partner Dumilco takes care of all distribution in China. Nowadays, Alfa Beer products find their way to various national retailers and in the gastronomy scene, in both metropolitan and rural China. Partly due to our award winning performance at international beer competitions. The highlight was winning gold at the World Beer Awards with the title ‘Best Lager Worldwide’.

By creating short and direct lines between our partner Dumilco and our brewery, we ensure transparent and fast communication. Which results in a pleasant conjunction between all parties, creating a win-win situation and synergy between all parties.

‘From our family to yours’

Harry, Michelle & Martijn Meens

Alfa Bier

Alfa Bier

Gelegen in het unieke Limburgse heuvellandschap ligt onze familiebrouwerij. In 1870 opgericht door Joseph Meens en momenteel geleid door de 4e generatie in de hoedanigheid van Harry Meens. En de vijfde generatie staat te popelen om over een aantal jaren de familietraditie voort te zetten. “Bierbrouwen is passioneel bezig zijn met een product”