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Dear Entrepreneur,

‘’If you don’t want to be played upon by big international brewers anymore, then start doing business with an independent brewery, with traditional family values.’’

We know that you’ve got a tough job. You are constantly harassed by brands trying to push their often-average products on you.

The fact is, there’s an undeniable gap in your product range that only Alfa Beer can fill. That’s because Alfa’s Edel Pils has been recognized year after year as the world’s best pilsner. And that’s not all, each product in our range is of exceptionally high quality, picking up awards in their category across all the major beer awards.

Our beer is locally brewed in the rolling Limburg hills, deep in the south of the Netherlands and is specially created to fulfill the tastes of a global audience.

Made from our unique springwater source, exceptional hops, and the original strain of yeast dating back more than 150 years, Alfa has a truly special pedigree and an undeniably unique taste.

Fill the gap in your product range by stocking an exceptional beer.

Your benefits:

  • Price winning lagers: click here to see the list of awards;
  • Increase of sales margins;
  • Brewed with 100% natural ingredients and certified springwater;
  • Dedicated service and fast communications;
  • Full range possibilities.
Discover all the benefits of a collaboration by filling in your contactdetails in the form below, or contact us by phone on +31 (0) 46 443 2888 or by email

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